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About Nancy


My Story

It must be "in the cards" that I love all things spiritual. My great-grandmother taught my Grandpa Ben how to read a deck of playing cards when he was young, and I loved for him to read my fortune when we visited. As a teen, I did countless readings using Your Destiny in 36 Cards and a palm reading book that had belonged to my big sister. It was fun to read the interpretations. 

Tragedy struck when I was 17, though. My beautiful mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. While she was sick, I turned to spirituality for comfort and visited tarot card readers hoping they'd see a miraculous recovery in the future. They didn't.

Despite everything she tried, she passed away a year later. It was shocking and devastating to myself and our entire family that someone so vibrant was gone. I felt such grief and heartbreak that she wouldn't be in our day-to-day lives anymore and experience milestones with us. Moms weren't supposed to die young.

I then looked for signs around me and visited different spiritual readers, and still do over 30 years later, hoping for any reassurance that she is there with us in spirit. I've been to mediums, psychics, angel readers, and more. I'm just hoping for a "secret word" or some other hint that it's actually her. Sometimes I do get confirmation, such as her name, her personality or even her pet name for me. In those moments, I don't care about the people who find it weird. You know, the people who wonder why an educated teacher like me would go to those people.

It's simple. For me, it is just so wonderful to feel she's around me again.


And it's fun, of course, to hear the insight into my life.

Over the years, spirituality has become my favorite hobby, whether it's through reading books, taking an online class, listening to podcasts, or just collecting beautiful card decks and gorgeous crystals. 

Recently, when the opportunities to practice reiki and delve into the Akashic Records came up during quarantine, I jumped at the chance. These were new areas of spirituality I had never explored before. I was intrigued to learn more.

I was surprised at how much calm the reiki energy brought me, and was especially happy when I was able to clear an intense headache pretty quickly. The Records brought me both clarity and reassurance. I wondered what had taken me so long to discover them. I was hooked.

It's been a whirlwind of a journey. Not only have I developed these spiritual gifts in myself over the last two years, it's also presented me with the opportunity to connect with so many around the world.

I've now become one of those people that others seek out for healing or comfort. It brings me so much joy sharing these practices with clients, and knowing that I may be able to help them as others have helped me.  I hope that I can share them with you, as well!

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