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Meet Nancy

My journey

into spirituality began as a child,

sitting across from my grandpa at an old wooden snack table, getting my fortune told with a deck of playing cards. This tradition, passed down from his mother, sparked my own interest in spirituality.

As a teenager, I delved into palmistry and card reading, using mini-books my big sister no longer wanted. My life turned upside down at 17 when my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. I turned to my cards and visited palm readers, seeking reassurance that she’d be okay.


Unfortunately, it was not to be. The loss was devastating.


Over the years, I continued to visit tarot card readers, mediums, and psychics, hoping for signs of her presence. While reassuring, I remained skeptical at times.


Decades later, I found myself on a weekend getaway with my cousins. We had just visited Geoffrey, a wonderful tarot reader, and were pondering "what if" questions.


If you could wish and be anything in the world, what would you be?


Without hesitation, I said I wanted to be a "Geoffrey" -- a spiritual reader who could connect with departed loved ones and guides knowing I was being truthful and honest with others as to what was coming through to bring them comfort and support.

A few years later during quarantine I had time to explore new-to-me spiritual practices like virtual Reiki and the Akashic Records, which brought me peace and clarity. I was hooked. Eventually, through extensive practice, I became a practitioner myself.


One day during a session, a client recognized that I was communicating with her departed grandma. I couldn't believe it. This realization led me to pursue mediumship seriously. I took classes and practiced extensively to strengthen my mediumship skills.

As I began bringing through messages for more and more people, I realized my wish, which once seemed impossible, had truly come true.

In 2022 opened Mystic Energy with Nancy, where people come for healing, clarity, messages, learning, and reassurance from the spirit world. My goal is to create a space where you can explore, learn, have fun, and grow on your own spiritual journey.

Sharing these transformative spiritual practices with my clients brings me incredible joy. It makes me happy to bring healing light energy and messages of love from those in Spirit. Spirituality has become more than just a hobby; it's now a guiding force in my life.

Whether you seek clarity, healing, a connection with Spirit Guides and departed loved ones, or even just want to chat and concoct some Reiki-infused recipes with me at Reiki-n-Recipes, I'd be grateful to support and guide you.


I can't wait to be a part of your journey and share the incredible experiences of spirituality with you.


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