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I had a lovely experience receiving a reading from Nancy! She channeled messages to my question related to my childhood wound, and they really helped me shift my mindset so I can really let go and move forward. She also did an amazing job connecting with my guides - it was very fun getting to know my guides more through her, hearing their messages, and feeling their energy. Thank you so much, Nancy!

--Maya B.

I felt so much more balanced, grounded and connected with myself after the session. The feeling of connection with myself and my guides during the session felt so amazing and full of love. It was so wonderful working with Nancy, she truly made it an unforgettable experience for me to feel so carried from her and my guides. The combination of reiki and the records unite two wonderful tools into an amazing experience.

--Melissa, Austria

Working with Nancy was amazing! The way she guides you through the Reiki session reminding you to breathe really allows you to remain grounded and present in the moment. After the session I felt my energy shift I felt more open. The music in the background was lovely. The entire process of the Reiki in combination with the Akashic Records felt supportive and healing.

--Laura, New York

Nancy has a nice calming energy, which made me feel really comfortable during my akashic records reading. She was able to pull so much information in the records, which provided much clarity for me. We even touched on past life experiences that I could relate to and helped me navigate current situations in my life. I would highly recommend Nancy to help guide you with an Akashic Records Reading!

--Brittany M.

I felt uplifted, elevated, vibrating very high and with a deep understanding of several questions I had. I felt protected, loved and full of a peaceful energy. It was definitely very healing and very profound. It left me with a sense of trust in the universe, in my spiritual family and myself. I felt that I was ready to embrace life with my arms open, no doubts. But I also understood that if I have doubts in the future it will be ok too, just observing the experience and the knowing that it will pass and that I will come back to center. It was beautiful, profound, healing. I felt in peace, I felt that I was being hold and I was receiving deep wisdom coming from a higher source. I feel blessed with this experience. The combination of Reiki and Akashic Records is very very powerful and can definitely transform lives.

--Maria, Bogota, Columbia

I felt immense healing and connection with my Guides during and after the session. I felt beautiful energies and guidance come through during it. After the session I received several signs and synchronicities as well! It was very relaxing and comfortable. I would highly recommend Nancy for Reiki Healing and Akashic Reading.


How did you feel afterwards?

"... relaxed and peaceful." 

--Stacey, MD

".... so much more balanced, grounded and connected with myself after the session. It felt so amazing and full of love."

Melissa, Austria

"...lighter, clear, uplifted, heart full of love from the beautiful messages."

--Kayla, FL

"... at ease and that I'm on the right path."

Beth, PA

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