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Akashic Records Made Simple

A Beginner's Guide to the Akashic Records

Imagine there was a book of YOU that held all of your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Take it a step further and imagine that this book also holds the information from numerous past lives that your soul experienced. You can open it anytime you like to understand yourself better and help you move forward in this lifetime.

That's what you get with The Akashic Records: an enormous library that holds these special books. Each person has a book that is just for them. In fact, there is a book for each animal, plant and even the home you live in right now. Anyone can access their book, but it takes some practice and effort for most people. In this quick guide, I'll answer some of the most common questions I hear about the Akashic Records, so that you learn what it is and get the most out of your Akashic Records session.

Where is the Akashic Records? How can I get there?

Imagine that we are on the 3-D level. Akashic Records, this enormous library, is on the 5-D level. Anyone can access the Akashic Records through the mind. People can access the Akashic Records in all sorts of ways. Most people begin with a prayer (non-religious) that is repeated three times. After this, some people visualize taking an elevator up to this library, seeing actual bookshelves with the books and taking theirs off of the shelf. They are able to read the text, while others imagine sitting at a computer screen and watching different parts of their lives like a movie. Still others like me, do not visualize any of this at all, and simply have a different feeling come over them and get sounds, words, or symbols. There’s no way to know how you will be able to access the records until you try. For some it comes easily, but for others it takes daily practice. Some can learn to do it on their own from a book, but some take a class via Zoom or in person.

Many people also decide to have someone else read their book for them rather than learning to do it on their own. We call these people "Akashic Records Readers" typically. Every reader has their own unique way of relaying the messages in your book using their own method and style. This allows you to get new or different information that you have not received before or in quite the same way. For this reason, even experienced readers, like myself, will have others go into the Records for them.

What can I ask to see or learn in my book?

Once your book is opened, you can ask any question about anything in this lifetime or in past lives, as well. There are librarians in Akashic Records to assist, along with your spiritual team (your soul, guardian angel and other guides).

Since the future is unwritten and you have free will, it is best not to use your time to ask specifics about that. They will often not give you an answer. No lottery numbers and game results for any of us, unfortunately. Often you can get answers as to how two different outcomes may be if you follow the path that you are on now, but they will not tell you which way is best. It is up to you to decide.

By the way, you absolutely can ask about things that are not as intense as life purpose in Akashic Records. You can ask about things to do this weekend, hobbies to try, or vacation plans. It is fun!

Why do I need to prepare questions ahead of time for my session?

Sometimes you get caught up in what is being said and it is hard to remember exactly what you had hoped to learn. Sometimes you did not even know all of the potential things you could ask.

That is why I recommend that you take some time ahead of our session to look over possible questions and plan a few questions to ask. We may not get to them all, but it will make better use of your time if you come prepared.

What questions should I ask?

The best questions begin with “How” or “What” rather than yes/no questions. I recommend that your questions be specific, as they typically will only answer or show you what is asked. When asking about past lives, know that they typically will only show you one as it relates to this lifetime.

What if I don’t have anything to ask?

You can simply ask your spirit team what general messages you need to know at this point in time.

Will they tell me they are disappointed in me for a decision I made last year?

They are your biggest supporters and cheerleaders. They are YOU! The messages you receive will be full of love and encouragement. Yes, they may offer suggestions of what to do, but, again, you have free will to take that advice or not. Going into the records can help you make informed decisions and provide the clarity you need whenever you need it.

Can I ask more questions once we are in the Records?

Of course! Neither one of us is in a trance or hypnotized, so you can freely ask questions in the records to clarify or expand upon anything you hear during the reading.

I still don’t know what to ask. Can you give me some ideas?

If you would like to book an Akashic Records Reading session with me, click on the Services button at the top of this page and then the Book Now button!


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