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What Others Have to Say

I had a lovely experience receiving a reading from Nancy! She channeled messages to my question related to my childhood wound, and they really helped me shift my mindset so I can really let go and move forward. She also did an amazing job connecting with my guides - it was very fun getting to know my guides more through her, hearing their messages, and feeling their energy. Thank you so much, Nancy!

--Maya B.

Nancy brought through my father clearly: his personality, humor, and his strong beliefs of being kind. She also brought through my grandmother, who is my fathers mother, describing her personality and where she lived.

I like the way Nancy connected to the Spirit communicators! This is very unique, and it feels as if they are speaking right to me. Can't wait to work with Nancy again soon!


I felt so much more balanced, grounded and connected with myself after the session. The feeling of connection with myself and my guides during the session felt so amazing and full of love. It was so wonderful working with Nancy, she truly made it an unforgettable experience for me to feel so carried from her and my guides. The combination of reiki and the records unite two wonderful tools into an amazing experience.

--Melissa, Austria

Nancy is a very talented medium. She far exceeded my expectations. I didn't want her to leave. I wanted to carry on talking to my loved one. Nancy is the BEST medium I have EVER been to, and I have been to a lot!! She most definitely is the read deal. Absolutely fantastic abilities.

--Tracey, U.K.

Working with Nancy was amazing! The way she guides you through the Reiki session reminding you to breathe really allows you to remain grounded and present in the moment. After the session I felt my energy shift I felt more open. The music in the background was lovely. The entire process of the Reiki in combination with the Akashic Records felt supportive and healing.

--Laura, New York

Nancy's gift of spiritual guidance through the Akashic Records is amazing because it's obvious that she genuinely cares and wants to be a force for good in empowering people to be open, to see signs, and to hear words of guidance that help them feel empowered to both listen and take action to overcome challenging times. This applies not only energetically but also in real-world applications.

I'm incredibly grateful to have Nancy as a source of uplifting self-care in my wellness toolkit!


Nancy has a nice calming energy, which made me feel really comfortable during my akashic records reading. She was able to pull so much information in the records, which provided much clarity for me. We even touched on past life experiences that I could relate to and helped me navigate current situations in my life. I would highly recommend Nancy to help guide you with an Akashic Records Reading!

--Brittany M.

The session with Nancy was excellent! My goal was just to hear from my dad. It was incredible how accurate Nancy was -- I felt it was my dad talking to me. It was amazing that Nancy connected with my dad, and it just made me feel wonderful hearing from my dad, even though I cried during most of it lol


I wish it [mediumship session] would have been longer! I was so filled with emotion, but love-filled emotion. It was overwhelming. I tried to sit with it for awhile after the session and it was almost too much. Nancy provided so much information. It was wonderful. Nancy is delightful and fun, and I would have loved to spend time chatter with her!!


Nancy has done a couple of Akashic Record readings for me, and both times the messages resonated so deeply within my soul that I was brought to tears. Nancy is such an empathic, caring reader, and she brings forward exactly what one needs to hear in the right way. I will definitely utilize Nancy again in the future, and I encourage anyone to seek her out for readings and guidance on their spiritual path.