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Tips For Making the Most of Your Remote Reiki Session

A Step-By-Step Guide to Your First Virtual Reiki Experience

I remember the first time I experienced reiki remotely. It was the first time I had experienced reiki…ever. I had only heard about it briefly, but people had said it felt wonderful! I was excited to try it. I wasn’t sure how to get ready for the appointment and didn’t have any idea of what would happen during the session. As I rested on the sofa listening to the music while the practitioner did something on her end, I remember wondering if I was supposed to have done something else beforehand and spent the time analyzing every little thing that was happening. The session was ok, but it could have been a lot more relaxing had I been a little more prepared. Now that I know what to do, I go into sessions more at ease and leave feeling even better. Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide to help you so that your session is the best it can be!

Before the Session

1. Information
  • Send in the completed waiver.

  • Determine your intention. Are you facing a physical challenge? Do you have a health goal? Do you want to feel rejuvenated and less stressed? This can help improve the connection.

2. Location
  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

  • Decide if you prefer to be seated or recline. I prefer to lie down on my sofa. I have a client who likes to sit on a bench under her favorite tree with her phone next to her. It is up to you!

3. Technical Things
  • Make sure your Zoom is ready to connect to the meeting. Sometimes it is helpful to go into the Zoom waiting room a bit early so that you are not stressed trying to get in at the last minute. If you are having trouble, contact

  • Set your phone to “do not disturb”. If you’d like to record the session, set it up ahead of time.

4. What to Do

The following are suggestions of things that can be helpful to do before receiving reiki to help you be in a more receptive state. T he reiki will be effective even if you do not do them.

  • Drink water so that you are hydrated.

  • Take a warm bath, spend time in nature, meditate, do yoga or even listen to music

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Bring a blanket

During the Session

Once the appointment begins, we will review your intention and any questions or concerns that you have. Then I will play music while you relax, and use appropriate crystals and symbols as the reiki is sent to you. There isn't anything that you need to be doing.

  • Keep an open mind. Put any skepticism or doubt to the side.

  • Try not to analyze or be critical of what you are feeling during the session. Everyone has a unique experience. It is ok if you do not feel anything or if you fall asleep. Know that it will be effective even if you do not experience any sensations. The energy is not coming from me, but rather through me. The energy is always positive, will go where it is needed, and will not cause harm.

  • Focus on your breath or recite a mantra, if you like. Your mantra can very simple, such as "peace" or "I am calm." If your mind wanders or you need to change position, it is fine. You are not being hypnotized. Simply get comfortable again and refocus.

After the Session

After the reiki has ended, I will turn off the music and you will gently return to a seated position. I will briefly review anything that I noticed while sending reiki to you. I recommend you drink a glass of water following the Zoom.

You may want to note how you feel after the session. Often people feel more relaxed, aligned and clear after the session. During the day, observe any different feelings or thoughts about situations that you may have. Your perspective or view may be different.

I aim to make your reiki experience a relaxing, positive one. Your healing will be personalized and be what you specifically need that day for your highest good. You will find that reiki is helpful when your stressed or sad, but can also be beneficial when you want to feel lighter and rejuvenated.

I look forward to meeting with you soon! If you have any additional questions about the reiki session, please contact me at . To book a new appointment, click on the link below.


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