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Please note: Must be 18 or older. We’re always in control of our own destiny. All services are not meant to be construed as “predicting the future” or to take the place of medical, psychotherapy or psychiatric care.

Messages From Beyond | Connect with Departed Loved Ones & Spirit Guides

In this online one-on-one session, I focus on connecting you to your departed loved ones  and others in Spirit who have messages for you. It's always up to Spirit who comes through, but the messages will provide encouragement and healing. Messages are channeled with love and guidance via the Akashic Records and Mediumship.


Mystic Energy Session: A Personalized Blend of Distance Reiki Healing and Spirit Connection

Most Popular! In this one-on-one 60-minute session via Zoom, I will use the following modalities to suit your needs:

  • Distance Reiki: You'll experience this Japanese healing technique of Reiki to clear stuck energy, reduce pain to help you feel clear, relaxed and refreshed

  • Mediumship: I will connect with loved ones to bring you their messages

  • Akashic Records Reading: I will tap into your Spirit Guides to give you supportive messages to provide clarity and comfort in a Question & Answer format.


Akashic Records Intuitive Reading

This 60 minute 1-on-1 Akashic Records reading with me via Zoom, I will connect with your own Spirit Guides, so you can receive guidance and get answers to your burning questions about life purpose, relationships, careers, blocks and more! This is in a Question/Answer format.


Virtual Reiki Healing

In this 60 minute 1-on-1 online Reiki healing session with me via Zoom, you will experience healing energy of Reiki to clear stuck energy and help you feel clear, relaxed and refreshed.


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