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Image by Diego PH

Feel Light, Feel Peace,
Feel Centered that you can move forward in life with ease


Are you ready to connect to YOUR spirit to feel aligned?

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? I help people receive clarity on their life path in the Akashic Records and get a mind, body and spirit tune-up from the energy flow of crystal Reiki, so they can improve their well-being and live a more meaningful, purposeful life.

  • Feel stuck in the same patterns with other people?

  • Want to figure how to navigate challenging circumstances in your life?

  • Want to make changes in your life but not sure what or how?

  • Curious in how a past life has impacted this life?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these, book an appointment with me to experience the calming, healing energy of reiki and find supportive answers in the Akashic Records.

One of the best parts? No matter where you are in the world, we can connect. All sessions are done remotely via Zoom. 

Reiki Treatment
The reiki session with Nancy was incredible. I felt many sensations and saw lots of colors during the session. But nothing compared to how relaxed and Zen I felt afterward.  It felt like I just had the most relaxing massage ever and it carried into the next day. I can tell some great healing took place during the session.
Nancy is a talented reiki practitioner and I highly highly recommend her for your energy healing!

Nadine, San Antonio, TX

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